ulun danu bratanThe history of The Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, In Candikuning Village, Baturiti, Tabanan regency, was writen on Babad Mengwi Story. The Story is like this : Long years ago mentioned that I Gusti Agung Putu lose in a fight with i Gusti Ngurah Batu Tumpeng or Ki Ngurah Kekeran. As a looser I Gusti Agung Putu then became a prisoner and given to I Gusti Ngurah Tabanan, and next from I Gusti Ngurah Tabanan given to I Gusti Bebalang from Marga. Not for a long time in Marga, I Gusti Agung Putu then went t Pucak Mangu, to increase his power and his holyness, because he has been loose. At Pucak Mangu, he receive more power and more holyness as a warior.

After he think that he learn enough, he make a castle in Belayu, and his fight with I Gusti Ngurah Batu Tumpeng will rematch. He finally win. After that he move his castle to Bekak, and named his castle as Puri kelaran. After beat lot of his enemy and even help I the king of tabanan to beat his enemy, then I Gusti Agung Putu build a new temple in the edge of Lake Beratan. Depend on Babad Mengwi story this is happen on 1634 AD.

ulun danu bratanThe Ulun Danu consist of 4 part, wich is Pelinggih ingga Petak, Pura Pesimpangan Puncak Mangu, Pura Pesimpangan Teratai Bang and Pura Dalem Purwa. The easternmost is Pelinggih Meru Tumpang Tiga Stana Lingga Petak. This temple surrounded by four door which is four candi Bentar i four dirrection, it's same with the door of the Meru. in 1968 the temple has been renovated, at the bottom of the temple found three big stone. the biggest one with white and oval shape, and the other is Red and Black. Because of that this meru Called Linggih Lingga Petak. and this Meru used to pray for Batara Ulun Danu Beratan.
The second part is in the west of Pura Lingga Petak which is Pura Pesimpangan Pucak Mangu, that mentioned used to pray for Hyang Danawa.

The third part is the widest one, which is Pesimpangan Pura Terate Bang. There is a meru tumpang Pitu ( seven roof ) for Batara Brahma, a Pelinggih Kemulan temple for Dewa Pitara, Padmasari Rong Tiga Temple for Tri Purusa, Gedong Menjangan Saluang Temple for Empu Kuturan, a Gedong for Ratu Pasek, Pelinggih Limas Catu Temple for Ida Betara Rambut Sedana, Gedong Limas Mujung for Ida Betara Penyarikan, and many more of them.

The last part is Pesimpangan Dalem Purwa. This Temple is dedicated for Ida Betari Uma Bhagawati the goddess of happiness.
You will find beautifully landscaped gardens with an abundance of flowering plants around the temple. In the sacred monkey forest of Alas Kedaton, you will come across huge bats hanging low from the branches and numerous monkeys guarding a sacred temple in the region.

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