The temple of Watukaru, is a hidden temple and the most isolated in the forest located in the hill of the tropical forest area . Temple of Luhur Watukaru in the feet of the mountain of Batukaru including in the village of Wangaya Gede, secondary District of Penebel, regency of Tabanan, near 42 kilometers of Denpasar or 21 kilometers to the northwest of Tabanan.

watukaru temple - located at west of bali

The temple of Luhur Watukaru is one of sad Khayangan in Bali that was constructed by Empu Kuturan in 11 centuries. Luhur Watukaru is located in the village of Wangaya Gede, the northwest of approximately 21 kilometers of Tabanan. This temple is one of six sacred temples (sad Kahyangan) in Bali. The temple is surrounded by the heavy foliage and the fresh air by restoration. There is old Balinese remains in this temple. Numerous the local and foreign visitors visit this temple, specially in their festival of the temple, that is carried out in Umanis Galungan generally, a day after Galungan.

Before pray in the temple of Luhur Watukaru, generally pray in the temple of Beji, side of the east of the temple of Luhur Watukaru, that pointed one same-to purify. In the temple of Beji clean water exists several douches with him. A great pool with the chapel small in center position in the south. The rogación in the temple of Luhur Watukaru began the Utama Mandala or in front of the main chapel which formed like Tepasana.

The rogación can be begun without flow-washing, gargling with pure water, because we requested already in the temple of Beji. When the day of the banquet comes, the devotee one will park its cars and long walk towards the temple, which is near 1 kilometer. A windy shade with the enormous trees throughout the way will do that the trip gets to be pleasant. Tri element of Mandala in this temple similar with other consisted temples that are Nista Mandala (external part), Madya Mandala (Center part) and Utama Mandala (internal part). In Jaba Sisi, a multifunction corridor enormous exists. Usually used by the prayer that want to stay in the temple for all night.